Praise the Lord for the salvation decisions!

Recently, two residents made salvation decisions! For the previous several weeks, we had been going through a message series that covers the intellectual foundations of Christianity.

On this particular Sunday, I gave the final wrap-up message on this series, and covered common misconceptions people have about what salvation is. After the message, we had an invitation time for all the residents where we passed out commitment cards and asked them if they wanted to make any personal decisions in light of all they’ve heard, and the two residents responded with salvation decisions! One of them, Ms. R, mentioned that she had gone to church all her life but never made that personal decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and so she wanted to do that. My wife had a chance to pray with her afterwards, and Ms. R had tears of joy down her face after making her decision.

One of the other items we had on the commitment card asked if they wanted someone to read the Bible together on a weekly basis, and four of them wanted to do so.

We are so glad to see that all the collective efforts to produce and teach these messages on a weekly basis resulted in these decisions.