Overflow for Sunday Worship

A few months ago we met G as we were passing out flowers for Easter.  We got to talking with her and found out she was both blind and paralyzed.  She then asked if we were the same group that made her the necklace she was wearing.  It turned out that Kenny Choi had visited her during Element’s Valentine’s Day visit and she has fond memories of that time.  Jane and Jenny regularly visit her during the week and got to know her better. And as I stopped by on Sundays after our services, she would ask about what we did that day which gave me an opportunity to give her short summaries of the messages.  She seemed interested in coming to our services but hesitant to come because it was very difficult to move out of her room given her condition. So I thought: if she can’t come to our services, why not bring the services to her?  As a result, we ended up using cellphones to set up a low-tech wireless audio overflow system.  Unfortunately her room didn’t have a phone line nor is there any wireless network for us to leverage, but our cellphones have worked well enough to bring the service to her in her room.  But last Sunday, with the help of a special physical therapy nurse, she was able to come out to our service, and hopefully she’ll continue to join us in the future!