Starting a ministry for an elderly care home will take some planning and yet is something that any individual, pair or group can do. While elderly ministry is one of the more difficult ministries because time is not on your side, it is one of the sweetest ministries as so many people you meet are at a place in their life to really consider the Gospel.


  • Yelp is a good place start.
  • Always call in advance to speak with the facility's community manager or activities director.
  • Most care facilities offer both long-term and short-term rehab for their residents.  Most states require these facilities to offer some kind of religious service and are often very welcoming of visitors.

Once you have found your home, start the  planning process by using the resources below. Let's get started!

Equipment List

  • Either an instrument or MP3 player/laptop for hymn background music
  • Battery-operated portable speaker (the Ion Audio Block Rocker is highly recommended)
  • Microphone (included with a Block Rocker)
  • If using recorded background tracks, use a 1/8" cable to RCA connector or 1/4" connector (mono)
  • If using an instrument, bring a 1/4" cable
  • Music stand
  • Bulletins with inserts of the Bible verses and hymns

Optional Equipment

  • Easel or props (if needed)
  • Musical instrument (guitar and/or keyboard)
  • Bulletins in other languages (if applicable)

1-Hour Sunday Service Timeline

  • Setup equipment and pass out bulletins (15 minutes)
  • Team Huddle & Prayer (5 minutes)
  • Opening Songs – 2 songs (10 minutes)
  • Message (12 minutes)
  • Closing Song – 1 song (5 minutes)
  • Mingling (15 minutes)
  • Take down equipment (5 minutes)
  • Huddle with the team to share stories, prayer requests, pray for residents (10 minutes)

Here are some helpful Tips and FAQs about what to expect during a visit.