Grandma B

In the past when Grandma B could not attend our services, some of us would rush over to her room to sing some hymns for her after our worship service ended.  Some of the times we visited, she wasn’t eating well or was in some pain.  But as soon as we would start singing, she would close her eyes, turn her face upward, smile, and begin to sing along with us.  It seemed that her discomfort and unhappiness would temporarily go away as she sang along with us.  I could tell that these hymns were such sweet hymns to her, songs that she has sung over the many years of her life that she has committed to memory to this day.   I’m brought to tears when we visit her, sing and pray for her because I see a grandma who loves the Lord so very dearly. All my petty thoughts, my worries, and complicated day-to-day calculations go out the window when I’m with her.  And although on the outside when you look us there is absolutely nothing in common between us, as she always puts it, “It’s wonderful that we all love the Lord.”  When she sings, I can’t help but smile, watch her sing and praise God for such a wonderful godly woman that brings so much encouragement to us all.