Happy Birthday!

This past Sunday we held our monthly birthday celebration for the residents at GB.  The residents really appreciate our small efforts to celebrate their birthdays with them; we usually just pick up a cake that Sunday morning and head over to GB.  This past Sunday we had planned to celebrate J’s birthday, but after lunch everyone was cleaning up and J headed back to his apartment.  No one had mentioned to him his birthday celebration, so he was so pleased and happy when H called him back and he saw all of us waiting with a cake.   It was encouraging to see how the residents have grown closer to one another through our Sunday services and fellowship; they heartily sang “Happy Birthday” to J, and even jokingly thanked him for his birthday so that they could all enjoy the delicious birthday cake together!

J is not a Christian, but has been gradually opening his heart so that he is more responsive to people and to the gospel, and he always listens attentively to the Sunday messages.  His participation during praise and his presence during our mingling times show he is increasingly comfortable with us.  I really pray that through these steps of faith that we take through our ministry at GB, J will open his heart to God and know Him personally.