Faithfully Sharing the Gospel

Mrs. Y came to live at the senior home fairly recently, so I’ve known her for only a few months.  As an elderly immigrant she can speak and understand only Chinese.  She became a Christian just 5 years ago.  Her son and daughter-in-law who are Christians shared the gospel with her.  Now, she is faithfully sharing the gospel and God’s love as best as she can.  At the senior home, she makes an effort to get to know the other Chinese residents, teaches a free Tai Chi class, shares her home-cooked food with her new friends there, and boldly invites the other residents to Sunday services and to believe in Jesus.

When I am in need encouragement while preaching, I just look to her, even though I know she can’t understand a word I’m saying – she can only understand the Chinese translation that’s given at the end of the service.  I’m thankful to have gotten to know Mrs. Y; her faithfulness to God and her desire to share the gospel really encourages me to be faithful in sharing the gospel to the people we’ve gotten to know at the senior home.