Thank You for Being Who God Has Called You to Be

A few weeks after we celebrated Grandma B’s 101st birthday, I ran into her son at the nursing home, and he handed me a letter.  The letter was addressed to Grandma B from a woman named E.  Apparently E had searched for Grandma B’s name on the internet and came upon the story on our church website on Grandma B’s 100th birthday celebration.  E was writing to Grandma B to wish her a belated Happy Birthday, as well as thanking Grandma B for her part in bringing her to Jesus.  She writes: “I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for being who God has called you to be.  Your love has spilled out over many people; a true reflection of our Savior.”

Wow.  The letter affirmed to me again Grandma B’s long history of faithfulness to God and to His people – that E, once a young girl in Grandma B’s Good News Club, would now, many years later as a woman and mother, recall Grandma B’s impact on her life and thank Grandma B through this letter.  I was thinking to myself, Grandma B will meet again in heaven all the people she has blessed!  And I’m sure she has many people she’ll be reunited with there!