Being Ready When God Calls

I am so encouraged whenever I see Mrs. B at the worship service. She is so happy to be there to worship God.  Recently, on a Sunday, as we were walking into the room to set up for the service, I heard talking and singing, which was very usual.  When I looked in, there was Mrs. B, either teaching or leading a few others around her in singing a song.  It was a very simple song, which went like this

“When God calls you, you got to go; you may be rich, you may be poor; when He calls you, you got to go.” 

Before they sang, Mrs. B recited the words to the people around her with passion and conviction. After the service, when I asked her about the song, she said, “I’m trying to be ready.”  From what I can see of her each Sunday, I think she is very faithful in trying to be ready when God calls her.