On February 14, 2006, young women from Gracepoint Fellowship Church made a bold decision to create a Valentine's Day of Compassion, where they would form teams and hold programs at several nearby nursing homes and shelters to share Christ's love.

Rather than focusing on myself, God teaches me to go out there and touch people’s lives with the love of God. I thanked God for giving me so many opportunities to get away from my narrow concerns of my life and even become a source of blessing for others.
Normally, I really hate Valentine’s Day. I had spent too much of my time as a youth in my college years feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t have a ‘valentine’. But when I volunteered at Valentine’s Day of Compassion, one person told me this was the best Valentine’s Day she ever had. I told her, actually, this was the best one for me too.

VALENTINE'S DAY COMPASSION AT Lake Park Retirement Residence

February 14, 2015 – Eighteen students from the University of California, Berkeley went to Lake Park Retirement Residence in Oakland, CA to hold a program with songs, craftmaking and a message of God's love.


February 14, 2015 – Over 30 middle school teens across several East Bay schools gathered for Valentine's Day of Compassion at a local nursing home. Their youthful energy brought many bright smiles at the Water's Edge Lodge Assisted Living nursing home.