God at Work

These last few months at GB care home has been very encouraging to me as I see God at work in our midst. At times, our ministry at GB seems really slow or even ineffective, but I’ve been able to witness the Holy Spirit moving through the residents and even through our own members, and this reminds me that God is still at work. Mrs.F’s salvation decision has been especially encouraging. Before she made her decision to become a Christian, I remember she was so consumed by her past and her own depressing thoughts, and she told me that sometimes she just wishes it would all be over. Her outlook on life is still a little bleak at times, but knowing that she has claimed Jesus as her Savior tells me that God is indeed working in her heart even though sometimes it feels like otherwise. I see how God has been working in the hearts of the residents as they have become much more friendly and welcoming of us. One Sunday after we came back from a trip to Yosemite, and they arranged a feast for us since we didn’t have time to prepare lunch. Though Mrs.A doesn’t come to our Sunday services, I run into her at GB, and she is smiling and responsive when I ask her how she’s doing, when before when she would be dismissive and brush me off. Even just among our small crew of seven church members who go there every Sunday, I see how God has been working in us, shaping our hearts to be like Jesus, putting the elderly and one another first. Seeing God working so concretely is very encouraging and helps drive me to give more of myself in serving Him.